With high tech and feeling, Continental bikers can ride safely through the spring

05-04-2011 16:27 Continental Dekk Norge 03/31/2011 Ultra-modern tires and ABS reduce the risk of accident

Ultra-modern tires and ABS reduce the risk of accident
Hanover, March 2011 ? Springlike temperatures and the warming rays of the sun entice bikers back onto the roads and they are already making their motorcycles fit for the first journeys of the year. The Motorcycle Trade Fair in Dortmund in early March was used by 97,000 biker fans to find out about the innovations of the season. However, the feeling of boundless freedom on two wheels definitely masks dangers, particularly in forests, on bridges or in shaded areas where the ground is often still very cold in spring, the road surface moist and the temperature differences on the asphalt are high. Be careful: in curved/inclined areas, the motorcycle can quickly slide away.
The good news to mark the start of the season: the number of fatalities in motorcycle accidents on German roads is steadily sinking thanks to high-tech developments. Between January and November 2010, 630 bikers lost their lives in accidents, according to the German Federal Statistical Office, compared with 647 the previous year. This means that the number of fatalities has sunk to its lowest level in ten years. As a reminder, 1,188 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2000. The number of registered motorcycles remained almost constant during these ten years.
Continental has been committed to research and development for many years now in order to further increase safety for bikers. For example, Continental anti-lock brake system (ABS), which can be adapted to different motorcycle models, weighs only around one kilogram. When braking to a hard stop, it is important that the bike remains stable. The motorcycle ABS reduces the acute danger of falling ? and could reduce the number of road deaths by 30%.
The tires on the motorcycle are at least just as important for the safety of a biker. Continental motorcycle tires offer maximum grip on dry and wet road surfaces. This means very good adhesion under all conditions, even in low temperatures and wet weather during spring. A range of ultra-modern tires such as the ContiRoadAttack2 for sport-touring bikers, the ContiGO! for all-rounders or the ContiMilestone for cruisers and choppers are synonymous with safety, dynamism and high mileage. Traction Skin, a revolutionary tire technology, offers a safe and short break-in period for the latest products from Continental.
Just how important high-tech is for the safety of motorcycles is confirmed by Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Ulrich Sander, an expert at TÜV Rheinland: “What is important, particularly in the initial ‘laps’, is a technically impeccable vehicle. Optimum tires, functioning safety systems and a driver who knows his personal performance limits and stays within them are the guarantees for high road safety. Incidentally, other road users also need a familiarization phase every year in order to recognize and pay attention to vehicles which are waking up after their winter hibernation and which feature an inconspicuous silhouette and high acceleration.”

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