Snowmobile safari in Lyngenfjord

Snowmobile safari in Lyngenfjord
20-11-2013 15:18 Visit Lyngenfjord Snowmobile safari in Tamokdalen, Lyngenfjord in Northern Norway, is an adventourus and exciting way to explore the untocuhed nature in the Arctic part of the world.

The landscape is coloured black and white with the snow-filled valley and curved tree silhouttes against the deep blue sky. The mountains are rising around the small group as if they are guarding us while we break the silence with our snowmobiles in high speed.
The snowmobile is an important vehicle in this part of the world. The locals are using it for transportation so they can reach the inner parts of valleys, in the work with reindeers and give tourists access to the nature.
We are taking a snow mobile safari in Tamokdalen with guide Mikael. The snow mobile track is 3 km and the tour is almost 2 hour long. We are sitting two and two and have company with a couple from Israel.
– The most fantastic with this experience is the snow. It is 20 degrees in Tel Aviv right now and the winter landscape is very exotic for us! Says the man in the couple who is turning 60 years old this day.
The route starts with some information and rules from the guide. In Norway, you have to stick to the snow mobile track all the time. Guide Mikael also tells us that the risk for an overturn with the snow mobile is very big. We are driving in a line and soon, we have the courage to speed up to 40 km/h. We follow a frozen river and getting a magnificent view over the open fields and the mountains as a backdrop.
On the way back, the courage has grown so big that we speed up even more and BAM- in a bend we all of a sudden lies next to the overturned snow mobile. The snow is soft, the landing merciful and the guide helps us up quickly. The Israeli couple comes right after, looking a bit worried at first but then we all starts laughing along with the caring guide.
When we are coming back to the camp, hot reindeer soup and bread is waiting for us. Our hands are a bit cold when we are turning of the engines and the contrast between high speed, loud noise, untouched nature and extraordinary silence makes the experience to an unforgettable memory.

A to już wiesz?  Seven days- 10 000 metres- 130 kilometres. Are you ready?

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