Seven days- 10 000 metres- 130 kilometres. Are you ready?

Lyngen guide offers a fantastic adventure, full south to north- Lyngen traverse with a professional guide and accommodation in cabins along the way. The season starts in spring 2014 and challenges the most experienced mountain enthusiasts.
The route starts at the south end of Lyngenalps and ends at Lyngstuva on Lyngens northernmost tip. Seven adventurous days leads through valleys and mountain passes, over glaciers and up and down the world famous Lyngen Alps.
The Mountain Guide will take you on a tour where you will experience the magic nature in Lyngenfjord in an unforgettable way; every day you will have the fjord as backdrop while skiing!
– You should be in fairly good shape and have some ski touring experience, says Mountain guide Mikal Nerberg.
The participants will sleep in cabins along the way. All food and supplies are ready in depots in the cabins, so you just need a daypack with you. Prepare for the most exciting ski adventure in Lyngenfjord!

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