10-06-2013 10:34 Tyl? AS Evolve Flex It is with excitement we can witness the success of your way to use the Evolve Flex system. Our Flex system guarantees that the Evolve is designed exactly to your wishes and delivers the experience you're seeking. You can choose from a range of fittings, lights, woods and doors with a matching heater to complete the design.

Evolve is the most exclusive design in the series, and really links the sauna experience together with the bathroom. The front and one corner are made of clear glass combined with the finest aspen panels, creating a uniquely spacious feeling and an exclusive aesthetic design.
The sauna is being given a new expression
The new design also appears extremely clear and clean due to the ?concealed nailing?, which means that the nails cannot be seen in the panel, either outside or inside the sauna.
On the inside, the panel merges with the ceiling in a straight line from the wall, thanks to the new assembly method. Evolve can be supplied with two benches and a backrest made of aspen combined with a glass sauna door with thin aluminum threshold.
The new Evolve benches are available in two different models: E28 which has vertical strips and E68 with horizontal strips.
Flex system offers many different sizes and can of course also be upgraded to create your dream sauna, with the DGL Plus door with no threshold, lighting, accessories and extra equipment from our range.
Evolve Plus GC can not be installed reversed, choose whether it should be placed in the right-hand or left-hand corner of the bathroom. The aluminium floor frame offers practical functionality, protecting the sauna walls against moisture and making the sauna easier to clean.

Varme og vann er grunnlaget for alt liv – det samme gjelder for virksomheten hos oss p? Tyl?. Vi har siden begynnelsen av 1950-tallet utviklet, produsert og markedsf?rt kvalitetsprodukter som fremmer avkobling, nytelse og ekte badeglede.
For at vi alltid skal v?re helt sikre p? ? kunne levere et kvalitetsprodukt som kundene v?re setter pris p?, produserer vi b?de detaljene og setter sammen helheten under v?rt eget tak. Et Tyl?-produkt er med andre ord et sikkert valg n?r du vil nyte varme eller vann fullt ut, eller en kombinasjon av begge deler.Tyl? Professional er en ny divisjon som spesialiserer seg p? det voksende proffmarkedet
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