Combat Camp ? Valhall Arena Oslo, September 6th ? 8th

Learn from the champions!
Norwegian Martial Arts Association invite you to Combat Camp in Oslo, we organize fight and poomsae trainings that are going to be performed simultaneously. Cadets, juniors and seniors will get guidance, inspiration, new knowledge and skills, and all this provided by some of the best, worldwide known practitioners and instructors.
On Friday evening there will be two exclusive seminars. First part of the meeting is reserved for Olympiatoppen(Norwegian Olympic Sportscenter) that will present the latest news on the taekwondo
Olympic status. Afterwards Dr. David Cook, who is the coach of Norwegian national taekwondo team, shall hold introduction to Norwegian fighting style.
The second part of the seminar is going to be about poomsae, Ky-Tu Dang- who is presently the most successful poomsae practitioner, the winner of the 7th World Championship and the 8th European
Championship in Taekwondo-poomsae competition- will share the latest news from poomsae world.
Saturday and Sunday!
*Program will be given later*
Ky To Dang ? poomsae athlete, coordinator of poomsae competitions for WTF and ETU
Alberto Jo Lee ? instructor of Poomsae, ex-champion and winner of many international competitions
Jesus Ramal ? Olympic coach in taekwondo
Michael J?rgensen ? Olympic coach and technical coordinator for Olympiatoppen
Dr. David Cook ? Olympic coach, coach of Norwegian national taekwondo team
Martin Kitel ? Olympic coach in boxing, responsible for sport education in NKF
Raik Tietze ? ex-world champion in jujitsu, responsible for talent development in NKF
And more?
We have a special deal with Helsfyr Rica Hotell which
is situated a walking distance from Valhall Arena. More information can be
found on registration form.
Get ready! We hope to meet you at Valhall Arena!

Norges Kampsportforbund (NKF) er det tiende st?rste s?rforbundet under Norges idrettsforbund og olympiske og paralympiske komité (NIF). Forbundet er lokalisert p? Ullev?l stadion i Oslo. NKF organiserer over 20 kampidretter, hvorav karate, taekwondo, jujutsu, wushu og kendo er de fremste konkurranseidrettene.

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