Autumn in Lyngenfjord

The autumn in Lyngenfjord is a hiking paradise. The valleys and the forests are full of mushrooms, blueberries, lingonberries and cloudberries, the weather is mild and the air is high and fresh.
More and more people are discovering Lyngenfjord and the Lyngenalps as a hiking paradise. The summer is almost over and the autumn is now taking over. The valleys and the forests are being colored in yellow, red, orange and green and the glades are full of mushrooms such as chanterelles and berries like blueberries, cloudberries and lingonberries.
Either you are a happy amateur or a hiking expert, there are many beautiful hiking trails to choose between in Lyngenfjord. You can walk in the valleys along rivers and marked trails with the high mountains as a backdrop. You can also choose to climb the mountaintops, coming up and enjoy the magnificent views over the fjords and the other mountains. The all man?s right-law in Norway makes it possible to put up a tent or sleep outside after a long walking day. Waking up in the dawn and see the sunrise over the mountains and the fjords are truly amazing.

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