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2012 Red Bull Romaniacs. Prologen samt dag 1 och 2 i “offroad”.

14/6 – Offroad dag 1 En perfekt dag för enduro. Str?lande sol och en tidig morgon ger lägre temperaturer. De som tävlat i Romaniacs tidigare

14/6 – Offroad dag 1
En perfekt dag för enduro. Str?lande sol och en tidig morgon ger lägre temperaturer.
De som tävlat i Romaniacs tidigare ?r vet att ett regnfall betyder att banan försv?ras ytterligare s? en bl? himmel är en bra start p? ?rets tävling.

Medan en del deltagare stoppar upp och ser p? de frodiga och spektakulära fjällen i Transylvanien kör andra som om de gällde liv eller död.
Deltagarna tävlar i singel eller team klass men det gäller att samarbeta med alla eftersom de flesta har behov för hjälp i de sv?raste partierna.

15/6 – Offroad dag 2
Deltagarna har idag undanstökat 3 av totalt 5 dagar.
Dagens största utmaning var den s? kallade “apatizer”, en brant och vattenrik bäck som slingrade som en jätte trappa upp för de mäktiga bergen. En god start p? dagen menade Andreas Lettenbichler medan Jonny Walker försov sig och fick en sen start p? dagen och förlorade flera värdefulla minuter.
När jag möter Jonny Walker vid service pointen s? stoppar han i sig godis och choklad som sen frukost.
Chris Birch sliter med en d?lig fot efter ett fall ig?r vilket gör att han har sv?rt att st? stabilt med jämn vikt p? b?da fötterna. Han har dessutom en skada i den andra foten efter Rally Dacar tidigiare i ?r.
Speciellt enkelt tycker dock inte Christer Bach ifr?n Sverige att det är. Han tävlar i hobby singel klassen och f?r hjälp av sin goda service man Fredrik när han ska ta sig upp för en brutal, sp?rig och snustorr stig som reser sig rätt upp. Rejäla rep och handtag p? MC´n är ett m?ste för att klara sig igenom tävlingens alla hinder och fall.
A ?Walker? in the park?
Red Bull Romaniacs Offroad Day One charmed the field of riders comfortably into the race, Jarvis made his claim for domination
Sibiu, Romania, June 14th, 2012 ? A spectacular riding day charmed the majority of competitors easily into the first day of the Red Bull Romaniacs. Many felt like being on a scenic run through the Romanian mountains and enjoyed the view with perfect weather, others stopped and took pictures of the countryside during the race. The ones, who had already seen it all, like Darryl Curtis and Erich Brandauer, spicedtheir ride up with teasing each other or chasing the lesser experienced riders across obstacles. Enjoying the ride and conserving energy, was certainly a good strategy for the ?charmer? of the Red Bull Romaniacs Offroad Days, since the demanding nature will progressively increase over the next days.

Some of the PRO riders however did not have much time to enjoy the unbelievable scenery, the flowing track and perfect markings. Even though they still managed to play a bit of ?Guided Enduro Tour? by taking turns in leading for about 2 hours, they certainly came to talk business. Prologue winner Jonny Walker was busy leading the race asfirst starter and trying not to get lost during his first race with a GPS. Even though he got lost a few times and hated it, he still brought home an impressive 4th rank for the day`s results. Which shows what a serious thread the ?young gun? is for the established riders. Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch, Xavi Galindo and Andreas Lettenbichler did not get up early in the morning today to just go out there and let this happen. They had caught up with Walker at checkpoint 2, gaining about 10 minutes on him. Around there, the group stayed together until after the next service point, taking turns in leading and navigating.

In the first technical sections ?Quad trail? and ?Black Mamba? Jarvis put everything on one card and reclaimed his ?top-spot in the food-chain? by quickly gaining 10 minutes over the competition. His lead stayed untouched for the rest of the day and he finished first. Throughout the race, Andreas ?Letti? Lettenbichler did not take any chances and also scored significant time-gains in the technical sections. This earned him the 2nd place for the day. Starting only 8th in the morning, Chris Birch had also gained massive time during the morning but got slightly hurt when trying to knock over a tree with his leg? However, his riding and the 3rd place clearly showed his intentions to win the 2012 Red Bull Romaniacs. Another member of this elite group was Xavier Galindo, who finished the Prologue yesterday as 2nd, despite his bad crash at the Erzberg. Due to technical problems, Xavi only finished 5th today.

Graham Jarvis: ?All top riders are in good shape, so if nobody makes any mistakes it’s gonna be a nice andequal fight.”

Jonny Walker: “it wasn`t how I expected, I was lost a few times, but navigation was easier than I thought. I am happy that I finished the day all right! At one point I was even chased by shepherd dogs? We teamed up a few times with Xavi, Graham and Letti ? and in the end with Chris, who was super fast in the mountains!?

Chris: ?It felt pretty good today, the first part was nice with lovely scenery, after the Service point it got harder, then we reached a river section where the trial guys kicked my ass? As much as I like Martin, but at some of the obstacles today, I thought that he most have lost it!?

The results:

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Red Bull Romaniacs, the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye on earth!
4 days of competition along a difficult and enthralling course, which leads through the Southern Carpathian Mountains and redefines the meaning of ?Extreme Enduro?. The Rally is tailored for ultimate offroad and Enduro fun – combined with challenges that bring the participants of each individual class (HobbySingle, Hobby Team, Expert Single, Expert Team, PRO) to their limits. Due to these challenges and the difficulty level, high abandon rates are common. Therefore: To FINISH is to be a WINNER. The track is unfolding along well-chosen mountain areas, rocky grounds, hills and valleys; tarmac is avoided as much as possible. Despite the tough challenges, all competitors agree that the Red Bull Romaniacs is one of the most beautiful Enduro races. The breathtaking countryside, the Romanian hospitality and the fact, that it is a race from riders for riders, make every event a long lasting memory for participants and fans alike. The daily distances covered range from 100km to 200km.

Red Bull Romaniacs
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